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Pro Aces Marketing is a PPE In Selangor. Our customers come in diverse sizes and industries, including medical, food and beverage, healthcare, and industrial sectors. We understand that workers in Food & Beverage and healthcare industry face great stress. This is why we focus so much on bringing in lightweight, easy-to-wear personal protective equipment. Apart from healthcare workers, PPE can also be used by other personnel in the medical line. Apart from PPEs, we also supply other hygiene products.

PPE Supplier in Selangor

About Us

To provide a healthier and safer lifestyle and working environment nationwide, Pro Aces Marketing was established to supply a diverse range of high-quality examination gloves and hygiene products to meet customer demands. Our company has a selection of over 5,000 different gloves styles and variations, making us your one-stop supply centre for PPE. 

Pro Aces Marketing focuses on supplying hygiene products that are suitable for medical, food and beverage, healthcare, and industrial industries. We believe that by creating a more holistic environment for the nation, we will be able to work together as a community to the betterment of the country. 

Our wide range of product line includes Leather, Palms, Double Palms, Leather Drivers, Welders, Canvas, Jerseys, Chores, Knits, Latex, Palm Coated, Garden, Kevlar®, Sleeves, Coated, Supported, Unsupported, Safety Items, and many other types of fabrics. 

Here at Pro Aces Marketing,
we are committed to consistently delivering high-quality products.

Why Should You Choose
Pro Aces Marketing?

Why Choose Us

As a PPE supplier in Selangor, we source a diverse range of protective solutions to meet the ever-changing market needs. Furthermore, Pro Aces Marketing provides free shipping within Selangor when a certain quantity of orders are made. Our experience has enabled us to provide quality products and solutions to our clients. Pro Aces Marketing’ performance personal protective equipment supplier in Malaysia speaks for itself through our long relationships and repeat customers.


Pro Aces Marketing provides practical solutions that help solve your problem in the most cost-saving way. 

Cost Effective Solution

The wide range of gloves provided by Pro Aces Marketing has passed ISO9001, ISO13485, and GMP quality management, FDA, and CE certifications. 


Our goal at Pro Aces Marketing is to deliver our high-quality masks and gloves to our customers at the lowest price for the first time. 

Quality Control

Here at Pro Aces Marketing, we are dedicated to making sure our hygiene products are manufactured at the highest form of quality. 

Efficient  Protection

The masks Pro Aces Marketing produces comes with a multi-layer design, which can filter 0.3-micron particulate. 

Checking Equipment

Advanced computer-controlled machines are used at Pro Aces Marketing. This gives way to blameless checking equipment for the mask products. 

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