As one of the leading PPE supplier Malaysia To provide a healthier and safer lifestyle and working environment nationwide, Pro Aces Marketing was established to supply a diverse range of high-quality examination gloves and hygiene products to meet customer demands. Our company has a selection of over 5,000 glove styles and variations, making us your one-stop PPE supplier in Kuala Lumpur.

Pro Aces Marketing specializes in supplying hygiene products for the medical, food and beverage, healthcare, and industrial markets. We, a PPE supplier Malaysia believe that by creating a more holistic environment for the nation, we will be able to work together as a community for the betterment of the country.

Our wide range of product line includes Leather, Palms, Double Palms, Leather Drivers, Welders, Canvas, Jerseys, Chores, Knits, Latex, Palm Coated, Garden, Kevlar®, Sleeves, Coated, Supported, Unsupported, Safety Items, and many other types of fabrics.

To reach these objectives, Pro Aces Marketing has strategically formed an alliance with major latex and nitrile trading companies to fulfil and satisfy our client requirements.

To conduct our business in an ethical manner,

we continue to undertake these following measures


To continuously liaise with customers on our new products and standard industry requirements.


To improve the speed of providing services to our customers. 


To ensure hygiene product quality delivered is of the highest standard as per requirement. 

latex glove malaysia


We are continually growing and expanding our services, and safety product lines. Our approach to the marketplace has remained unchanged. Our service to our customers by incorporating direct external salespeople who work with our internal sales and research department. With this approach, we can effectively serve our customers throughout Malaysia.

Pro Aces Marketing, PPE supplier in Kuala Lumpur provides prompt delivery anywhere in Malaysia. Our delivery is done and transported directly from these facilities using our trucks. This has allowed us to deliver orders in specific states the same or the next day. Each of our facility locations has its management and sales team to give the local customers a more concentrated customer service.

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