Cleanroom Jumpsuit, Smock

Provides Cleanroom Garments for cleanroom and controlled environments. It covering the full head-to-toe range, including Jumpsuit, Smock, cap, sleeve, and lower body. Designed and manufactured from lightweight, low-linting, and durable material, providing an excellent combination of both comfort and protection.


Cleanroom clothing must be lint-free, non-shedding, and worn when working in a controlled environment. As a cleanroom jumpsuit supplier in Malaysia, our cleanroom apparel in Malaysia was specially designed to be safe to wear in hazardouz areas of the cleanroom laboratory. The garments and shoes that are industry-compliant, provided in our cleanroom apparels are some of our customers’ favourite cleanroom apparels selections. We provide a wide range of cleanroom jumpsuits as a dedicated cleanroom jumpsuit supplier in Malaysia. These can be worn in a cleanroom, where contaminants such as dust, microbes, vapors, and aerosol particles must be kept to a minimum. Our cleanroom apparel and other sterile cleanroom garments are carefully chosen and evaluated by our staff. We are proud of our cleanroom supplies because of this. We ensure that our products are ISO-compliant.

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