Lab Supplies

Provide high quality scientific instruments, laboratory consumables, and monitoring devices. Our range of science products includes pipettes, magnetic stirrers, incubators, furnaces, freezers, beakers, and glassware.


Aside from PPEs and other safety equipment, we carry a wide range of lab supplies Malaysia. Pro Aces Marketing offers high-quality supplies from reputable brands to laboratories in a variety of industries, including lab equipment Malaysia, apparatus, consumables and disposables, chemicals, repair and maintenance. Throughout the years, we have built strong relationships with our customers and major manufacturers in the scientific industry. In addition, we established a large network of dealers throughout Malaysia. As a result, our clients come from a variety of backgrounds. By providing solutions and growing alongside our customers, Pro Aces Marketing has established itself as a trusted lab equipment Malaysia based supplier. To maximize the benefits consumers can derive from our solutions. We strive to deliver lab supplies Malaysia and services directly to them while also supporting longer-term relationships.

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