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Shoe covers help protect carpet, tiles or wood floors from dirt, mud, scuff marks or other contaminants. They are also designed to protect against dirt, grime and liquid splashes. Are you looking for a disposable shoe cover supplier? Your search ends here. Pro Aces Marketing is a reliable shoe cover supplier in Malaysia. We have worked with multiple companies within the food and beverage industry. The soles of the disposable shoe cover have anti-slip particles, which increase the shoe cover surface and floor friction, which helps to prevent slipping. The shoe cover is made of premium CPE material. The waterproof and dust-proof feature makes it ideal for the food and beverage industry. Because our shoe covers are made of high-quality PE material, they are more durable and do not tear easily. As a disposable shoe cover supplier we understand the need to have a sturdy shoe cover. Pro Aces Marketing strives to become a leading shoe cover supplier in Malaysia.