Latex Glove


  • 100% natural rubber latex with protein-rated to minimize exposure to allergens and irritants
  • Available in powdered and powder-free
  • Size available in Extra Small; Small; Medium; Large; Extra large
  • Available in smooth and full textured surface
  • Available in white and blue colors
  • Ambidextrous and straight fingers
  • Beaded cuff makes easier donning
  • Excellent tactile sensitivity and dexterity

Food handling gloves protect against cross-contamination between foods and between caterers and foods. Its elastic and soft latex film provides superior talent, fit, and tactile sensitivity. The latex disposable gloves Malaysia has a textured surface for a secure grip and improved handling precision. Aside frombeing food grade, a latex glove acts as an excellent barrier to prevent cross-contamination between foods as well as between caterers and foods. The latex glove Malaysia have become a necessary tool in food handling and protecting the user’s hands to help prevent the transmission of germs and pathogens that can be spread through bare hand contact with foods. Latex disposable gloves Malaysia are a necessary part of food preparation and handling in the food industry. Moreover, disposable gloves serve a variety of functions in the food industry, from washing and cleaning vegetables to hand-preparing meals. A good hand hygiene and latex glove Malaysia protect users and customers.

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